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DNA Activation
Past Life Advising
Life Purpose Coaching
Health & Relationship Advising
And more...

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DNA Activation + Past Life Reading, 45 minutes, $219

I use a blend of several types of remote energy work in a face-to-face Skype session that accesses data through the energetic light being that is you. 

 I read your Akashic records and through a DNA Activation and Past Life reading I give you detailed past, present and future findings for what would streamline your life to make it your best life ever,  as well as provide information that highlights your best self and how to organize your life and find rapid healing resolutions and solutions to situations that only previously were confusing, painful, unsatisfying and difficult.  

This is perfect if you have a continual cycle of people or situations in your life that have a giant question mark over them, who leave you uneasy, unfulfilled,  or interactions with people who always seem to cause you  pain, situations that create emotional blocks, or the same type of relationship or work environment seems to happen to you again and again and always seems to cause problems or blocks with no seeming ending or answer in sight.

The answer might be karmic- you have most likely known these people before in past lifetimes in previous situations and the unprocessed karma and emotions of those previous interactions might be causing what I call "past life interference" in the present lifetime. I unwind that karma like a tangled piece of jewelry, look at where it came from (past or present lifetime) and then tell you all about the origins of that pain and why and how it can be dissolved,  understood, and healed in our session - and beyond. Often people express relief almost immediately once this happens and have many "Aha!" moments in session and many epiphanies about the situation well after with this type of reading.

This in turn has jumpstarted creativity, given people the courage to move forward in their lives, and to let go of those people, places, and things that no longer serve them. 

These sessions are enormously popular and have solved many problems for people in their lives. The DNA Activation and Past Life Reading often provides a cornerstone or basis for healing other life issues for sitters as well as provides motivated, positive focus and the courage and optimism that they can be optimally healed and set  goals and objectives that previously were hard for them. 

Life Purpose Reading: 60 minutes.  $283.   Includes energy work,  psychic assessment of your personal strengths and weaknesses, your talents (hidden and obvious), and how to use them properly to find your life's highest joy, purpose, and meaning. Working with the energies, chakra alignment, past life information, spirit guides, Akashic records,  and more, I tailor yourblueprint crammed with actionable, useful suggestions, offerings, and and input for attracting and finding the people, places and things that are most beneficial for you. Highly recommended for those who are in transition, wanting more meaning and purpose in their life and forthose who have lost a fundamental connection to  their "spark".  A "reset button" for life. Very healing, useful, and energizing.

DNA Activation,  Past Life Reading, + 2  Questions:  90 minutes,  $425   

DNA Activation or comparable Energy work (if necessary), Akashic records information retrieval, Past life information + 2 questions of your choice.  A very popular offering. 

 Sessions are conducted online via Skype. Recordings are available. 

Office hours are by appointment, 1-8 pm ET US (includes weekends). All sessions are for New York City time.

Due to the nature of the readings, it is not necessary to meet in person.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Please be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Anya Briggs will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings. For entertainment purposes only. For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement.