What my clients are saying...

Words continued to allude me while trying to describe my appointment with Anya. Then it came to me. “Wow, to the Nth degree!” And that is a good thing. Otherwise there are no words to adequately describe the delightful time that I spent with her and our wonderful guides. However, I can say that my life is changing for the best, and that if I had procrastinated until the proverbial ‘later’, then I would have delayed the inevitable, wasting valuable time. Looking back, I’m both relieved and glad that I made the commitment to tackle some of my problems with the help of a wonderfully talented, humble, compassionate, fascinating, talkative, comedic psychic extraordinaire. Seriously, though, if you hate laughing, don’t call on Anya, because I could not stop laughing. So in conclusion and after completing my homework, I look forward to booking another appointment with my new Friend and SiStar, Anya. Blessings!
— Carmen B. 5/5
Anya is fantasticly skilled in what she does, she is a precision intsrument! I am so thankful for all the things she have been addressing to me, “Hidden things”, And the very powerful energywork she have done with me. I must let weeks go by before doing another session, othervise it gets to much for me, due to the rate changes occour inside me. That´s how powerful she is. I am VERY thankful to get assitance from Anya.
— Tobias M. 5/5
I was astonished when Anya instantly identified the crux of the problem I was then facing in my life, She did not know anything about me except for my name and email address. I had purposely decided not to give any more information to make the session more meaningful. Anya is immensely gifted and does not speak in a sugar coated language. She will give you facts and directly tell you what you need to do to resolve the issue or improve the situation. She suggested a few remedial measures which I diligently followed. She will not try to sell you any stuff atall like some of the so called $10 tarrot card readers or psychics do. I started noticing the difference in my life within 2 weeks. I felt very uplifted and was able to consciously work on resolving the problems i was then dealing with. I was astounded. She helped me identify the root cause of the issue I was facing, which I myself was hazy about. She gave some details about critical people in my life which were so precise. Anya thank you for helping me. You are truly gifted!
— Meera S. 5/5

I am a powerful natural psychic medium who, with my guides, assists those who wish to access more of their cosmic consciousness and to more clearly understand their role in their own empowerment through understanding and healing past and present lifetime issues and/or blocks. My clients include a vast variety of celebrities, authors, socialites, punks, artists, New Yorkers, new agers and the occasional skeptic. 

I have also been the resident psychic medium for the TruTV show "Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory" in addition to appearing in various ongoing media projects. Actor/Director Dan Fogler considered me a "catalyst" for awakening and I was an inspiration for the 2014 feature Film "Don Peyote," starring Dan Fogler, Anne Hathaway, Jay Baruchel, Josh Duhamel, and Dean Winters.  I’ve done readings for 10 Magazine, been interviewed by Vice Magazine, and have been interviewed by many radio stations including CBS Radio and UPRN New Orleans, and have been a correspondent for the popular radio podcast The Gralien Report. I am also a contributing writer for Women of Esoterica. 

An organization I am extremely proud to have been a part of from 2010-2012 is Find Me, a dedicated group of talented psychics, law enforcement officers, and professional search and rescue volunteers from all over the world working with law enforcement and families to find missing loved ones and solve homicides. I am also extremely proud to have been one of the original 15 founding psychics on the well-known invitation-only site Best American Psychics. Additionally, I have contributed my clairvoyant abilities to furthering scientific research by being one of the "top two civilian remote viewers in the last twenty years" as a test subject for one of the premiere scientists on the study of near-death experiences.